Getting Healthy and Feeling Wellness

Getting Healthy and Feeling Wellness
By []Bruce Pickett

Almost all of us wish we could keep the feelings we have right now, over the Christmas holidays and into the new year, all year long. Happy, caring, giving and wanting to experience all the goodies that this time of year has to offer. And why not; Christmas and New Years only comes once a year. Well the feelings are marvelous but the holiday festivities, the parties, the traditional foods and sweets that are nye on irresistible can add problems to our weight, wellness and, in fact, to the state of our health for the rest of the year.

Just as a point of interest, what are two of the most widely made promises to ourselves at this time of year, dare I call them resolutions. Well the first one is to lose weight and the second is to get healthier. Both promises are admirable and well worth the effort and I do mean effort.

But how many of us well-meaning people follow through past the first week in January? Certainly, from my experience, on too many occasions, I missed the wagon and never even had a chance to fall off.

What would be my goal with this writing is to bring to the attention of our community some very well documented facts that are quite jolting and will cause more damage if not addressed and taken seriously.

One of the most serious problems on the North American continent today is obesity. One in two adults is considered obese and what is even more distressful is that one in three children is considered obese. One of the reasons why this has become an extreme concern is probably the way we live, eat, work, sleep and play. In short, our life style. Why is it that our parents and grand parents, on average, lived longer than the people of today? One answer is they lived in moderation. They worked hard, they ate balanced meals and they got adequate amounts of sleep to rejuvenate their bodies and their minds. By and large, their fun was in the community either with family or friends.

Now let’s compare the healthy lifestyles of the mature folks, our grand parents and in some cases our parents, to the lifestyles of today. A number of us are feeling the pinch of the North American financial situation. Companies down-sizing and making the people remaining with a job do more to make up for the people who have been laid off. In fact, this financial stress is starting to appear around the world and especially in Europe. This causes the two parents in the family to go out to work. This situation causes stress on the parents and stress on the children. One of the main reasons mentioned by the folks that want to work from home is that they want to raise their own children and not leave the responsibility to the baby sitters. Having to drop them off at an early morning hour and pick them up after 5:00 PM in the evening. Will we be able to cover the bills this month? How can we afford to make it look like we are doing OK? No time to eat balanced meals, let’s have a “drink” which we think makes us feel better when all it really does is depress us. The pollution of all manner and sorts which we are engulfed in makes it a very hostile environment in which we live. Is it any wonder that with all this happening in a large number of families, that it is difficult to eat balanced meals, get adequate sleep or sleep at all and avoid the things that are harmful to our bodies.

Let me mention one of the more startling facts in the regard of today’s lifestyle regarding health and wellness and that is, across North America, 70% of the visits to the doctor’s office are caused by lack of energy and stress. Can you imagine how much money it is costing the governments of Canada and the United States just to deal with these two maladies, stress and lack of energy.

Now let me get back to where this article started. We are now in one of the happiest times of the year. All of us strive to make Christmas a time we want to remember. So let’s work toward being healthy and feeling wellness. We owe it to ourselves and to our families to feel great, have energy and ensure that our bodies are receiving the proper nutrients to give us the chance to be that way.

My message the community at this time of year is for all of us to be alert to the very prevalent and dangerous situation that exists generally throughout the North American continent regarding health and wellness. This is after all a very good time to make a promise to yourself to get healthy and provide for yourself the proper nutrients and safe products to loose weight and gain energy and wellness.

I wish you all to get healthy and feel wellness from now on. You will thank yourself for the present.

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